Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year resolution for 2012

Dear reader
Every 12 months the cycle gets complete and a new year comes.It is happening ever since the man is born and will keep happening till is away from the world and start rest in peace.
The journey from birth to death is same for every one who is born as human being but for some it may  not be  as good as one wishes to be . So what to do , it is pleasant once you reach the goal but how about the making the journey also pleasant .  
Making coming year a pleasant year and now  onward the journey of rest of the life be made pleasant some suggested  resolution for welcoming the new year:   
Network with a good  mentor: Mentor or guide  is a critical component of your development as a leader. A  study showed that young leaders with mentors were more likely to succeed professionally and experience career satisfaction. The essence of effective mentoring is developing a trust in relationship between the mentor and men-tee. Identify someone with whom you have a good chemistry and who is inserted in  your development.Rember a sound relationship is a two-way process which benefits both parties not just the men-tee. We recommend start looking for mentors whom you admire for their values and character not only professional  success. 
One such useful site is :
This is initiative of IIM , Ahmadabad and large number of  people with experience and exposure are available for guidance.
Develop leader ship quality: Most of us have little time to think and on the  values and characteristics we want to define us as leaders, the difficulties we're facing, or the long-term impact we hope to have. Forming a leadership development group can give you the space you need to think deeply about these subjects. Leadership development groups are groups of six to eight people who meet to share their personal challenges and discuss the most important questions in their lives. Find people you can trust, and make a commitment to be one another's confidential counselors. Meet regularly, and share openly your life stories, crucibles, passions and fears, while offering each other honest feedback.
One such club in UK is :   The activities involves sharing of personal experiences and contributing to mutual growth actively
Volunteer your services to social organization: if you have not planned it so far let this year have this included in your plan. Remember society can do well with out you but you can not do with out society.   So look for  volunteering opportunities. Participating in local organizations — from religious organizations to civic groups this will  give you  leadership experiences as well and will connect you with the people  and offer opportunities to serve others.Look at it as an opportunity to give back to the community. You will find your time serving a community organization is highly rewarding while broadening your outlook on people and life which will ultimately lead to success and satisfaction.
Ask more questions than you answer: In the fast changing word , it is impossible to have answers to all the important questions. Much more important is a deep curiosity about the world and the ability to frame the right questions in profound ways. The world's toughest problems cannot be solved by you or any one organization. Your role will be to bring the right people together to address the challenging issues you raise. Our research demonstrates that the biggest mistakes result from decisions made by people without deep consideration of thoughtful questions.
Let the coming new year be good to all readers, neighbors and country men with hearty good wishes.
Ajay Singh  "Ekal"