Thursday, May 6, 2010

What Went Wrong


I started this Blog to analyze the teachings which we have been given by elders or have learned over a period of time. But some how these have become part of the life and many a times these guiding principle of life knowingly or unknowingly helps us making the decisions or change the way we think .Since the source of such learning has been either faith or it has come from some established branded people having their position and respect in society, it is difficult to argue against it or even thinking otherwise was supposed to be a sin.
In order to be more precise and clear I would like to put some example :
Practice makes a man perfect:

Easier to say but difficult to under stand .Since practice can only make the things permanent not perfect. For example if some one start practicing wrong gesture for bowling to a bats man in Cricket ,it can not be said to have been perfected . But if the same remains in practice for long time it may be difficult to change the gesture after a while. Therefore it is important to under stand that only practice can not make man perfect instead to be perfect the man should practice it with correct gesture.

So I shall be discussing several such issues for which the perception has not been correct or may be some established wrong practices are being followed blindly therefore the results are not coming the way they should be.

I will close with a small story my father told me in my child hood.

Some day a person lost his ring and started searching it very diligently but could not find even after several hours were spent .When a friend who was passing form there ask hey what are you doing man he simply told that he has lost his ring and searching it .He also joined friend after he got tired he tried to explore where actually the ring was lost ,the friend inform him it was 100 Mts. north from this place ,When he asked then why you are searching here the friend replied very coolly that ,I am searching it here because there is too much of dark and therefore searching under the lamp post it is convenient to search it here.

Although it was story but I was surprised to see that many a time we do behave like this .Similarly we also keep searching the solutions of the problem with out going deep into it and analyzing the real problem and possible solutions.

Therefore It shall be interesting to find out WHAT WENT WORNG though may not be very easy to do so.

Ajay Singh "Ekal"

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Why should IITs be closed?

This discussion was started on under a group"India Leadership Network "The comment below is the posting made by me on the discussion board:


This is very interesting discussion and I am making my comments to make the discussion more meaning full. It is important to note that I am management Post Graduate with a state level organization and have never been to IIT or IIM but have been fortunate to look people and networked with them closely.

1.Instead of closing IIT and IIM other institutes should also brought to the level where good education be provided to students .For the last 10 years more than 1600 engineering and 1200 management colleges have come in country of which more than 50% students who have passed out are simply un- employable. This is creating frustration for the young Graduates and their parents.

2.Like Medical Graduates for which the Government is trying to implement a plan that to go to post graduate courses these student should serve the rural area and thus some credit mark for benefit in admission for higher studies be given to them. Similarly there may be some plan to take the services of the IIT Graduate and Post Graduate who may be asked to serve some area which is for the development of the country. Not just taking the benefit of qualifying one entrance exam and then taking every facility provided by social infrastructure of the country for a ride and just look for personal benefits only there after.

May I suggest that that aspirant of M.Tech from IIT may be asked to teach for one year in the private colleges of the country. This will give chance to them to serve the community the students studying in such college will know the subject from the people who are trained by the best trained people. The burden of salary may be shared by the college and Government. After all we need large number of technically skilled manpower for the development of the country .

3.Similarly the Graduates may be asked to contribute some time to the skill training centers of the country like polytechnic ITI's etc or other productivity centre. This will give to benefits to the society in following manner:

(a) The IIT Graduates rest of the life will have some kind of belongingness with the centre they contributed and would like to continually in touch for the betterment of the centre and productivity .

(b) The skills they have gained while in IIT will be used directly for the benefit of development of the country which this country requires urgently .Not just the foreign exchange earned by IITans and other passed out students from high grade institutions.

If the idea given above looks good I can give a detailed plan for the same.
I am informed an annual meet is due in October this year of ExIITans in New Delhi. This idea can be taken to that forum as well.
Here I would like to share one more important information with all members that I had an opportunity to attend one seminar addressed by Sam Pitroda who was Chairman knowledge commission for the year 2005-08.He in his address informed the house that India needs more than 1200 Universities by 2015 against 369 odd number present today.

He also informed that India is a young Nation having largest population of young people. I simply put one question before him that are we geared up to exploit this advantage to full, because despite the fact India is young country we do not have enough infrastructure to make full use of it for the Nation .

But my worry did not end here, because by not exploiting this potential we are just loosing the extra advantage which we could have got had we been prepared. My worry more is that India will oldest country after 25-30 years when this population will get old. Are we planning to be ready with the situation we are likely to face after 30 years and take advantage of it. Else we will be looser again and situation may be out of control since young people will survive any ways but old people will surely need better infrastructure be it physical or social.

Ajay Singh"Ekal"

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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Can a Book change the life?

There may be lot of debate on this issue. Some will agree, yes books are best friend , philosopher and guide , I also agree that books are best friend and can be best guide too but change the life ? I do not agree. More so if think the change to be a positive change.

Actually change is always difficult to accept though is certain and every minute is a new minute, every day is a new day .Therefore change is certain and will occur irrespective of the fact you like or don’t like. But that is only one part of the story this change comes from out side and one is bound to accept it.

Change of life is a internal issue and comes only with practice , knowing is not enough the book can give give knowledge not the wisdom therefore change will come only after one starts practicing it. I often argue against just collecting lot of knowledge coming from through books and other sources. I am surely in favor of practicing the good knowledge preached by the books.

I often argue that the knowledge to live the life is generally given by the parents and primary teachers in child hood itself and at least we have all the knowledge required to lead a life till the age of 12-14 .Whatever information or knowledge thereafter gained just decide how you are going to make your lively hood. Many a time we mix both living a life as a good human being and how we make our lively hood .For example the saying of Kabir "साँच बराबर तप नहीं ,झूठ बराबर पाप जाके हृदये सांच है ताके हृदये आप" This one preach is good enough to make a person achieve the target of life which is none other than "self realization" but generally it is not happening for a simple reason we know a lot we collect it of information form various sources but seldom able to use it when in need. To make it more clear I would say our position is like a person sitting in a pharmacy shop and believing that it can cure the sickness but it never happens, one can get cured only after a dose is sollowed.

Similarly the preaches given in the book should be practiced instead of just collecting the knowledge and never able to use it.

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Ajay Singh "Ekal"

Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome 2010

अमीरों को और अमीरी देकर

गरीबों को और ग़रीबी देकर

जन्मों से जलती जनता को

महंगाई की ज्वाला देकर

साल २००९ जा रहा है.....

अपनों से दूरी बढ़ाकर
नाते, रिश्तेदारी छुड़ाकर
मोबाइल, इन्टरनेट का
जुआरी बनाकर
अतिमहत्वकान्क्षाओं का
व्यापारी बनाकर
ईर्ष्या, द्वेष, घृणा में
अपनों  की सुपारी दिलाकर
निर्दोषों, मासूमों, बेवाओं की
चित्कार देकर
साल २००९ जा रहा.....
नेताओं की
मनमानी देकर
दानी देकर
अभिनेताओं की
नादानी देकर
पुलिस प्रशासन की
नाकामी देकर
साल २००९ जा रहा.....
अंधियारा ताल ठोंककर
उजियारा सिकुड़ सिकुड़कर
भ्रष्टाचार सीना चौड़ाकर
ईमानदार चिमुड़ चिमुड़कर
अर्थहीन सच्चाई देकर
बेमतलब हिनाई देकर
झूठी गवाही देकर
साल २००९ जा रहा.....

धरती के बाशिंदों को
जीवन के साजिंदों को
ईश्वर के कारिंदों को
गगन के परिंदों को
प्रकृति के दरिंदों को
सूखा, भूखा और तबाही देकर
साल २००९ जा रहा.....
कुछ सवाल पैदाकर
कुछ बवाल पैदाकर
हल नए ढूंढने को
पल नए ढूंढने को
कल नए गढ़ने को
पथ नए चढ़ने को
एक अनसुलझा सा काम देकर
साल २००९ जा रहा.....
नए साल का स्वागत करे
आएये २०१० में कुछ एइसा करे काम
ताकि रहे विश्व में आपना नाम