Thursday, May 6, 2010

What Went Wrong


I started this Blog to analyze the teachings which we have been given by elders or have learned over a period of time. But some how these have become part of the life and many a times these guiding principle of life knowingly or unknowingly helps us making the decisions or change the way we think .Since the source of such learning has been either faith or it has come from some established branded people having their position and respect in society, it is difficult to argue against it or even thinking otherwise was supposed to be a sin.
In order to be more precise and clear I would like to put some example :
Practice makes a man perfect:

Easier to say but difficult to under stand .Since practice can only make the things permanent not perfect. For example if some one start practicing wrong gesture for bowling to a bats man in Cricket ,it can not be said to have been perfected . But if the same remains in practice for long time it may be difficult to change the gesture after a while. Therefore it is important to under stand that only practice can not make man perfect instead to be perfect the man should practice it with correct gesture.

So I shall be discussing several such issues for which the perception has not been correct or may be some established wrong practices are being followed blindly therefore the results are not coming the way they should be.

I will close with a small story my father told me in my child hood.

Some day a person lost his ring and started searching it very diligently but could not find even after several hours were spent .When a friend who was passing form there ask hey what are you doing man he simply told that he has lost his ring and searching it .He also joined friend after he got tired he tried to explore where actually the ring was lost ,the friend inform him it was 100 Mts. north from this place ,When he asked then why you are searching here the friend replied very coolly that ,I am searching it here because there is too much of dark and therefore searching under the lamp post it is convenient to search it here.

Although it was story but I was surprised to see that many a time we do behave like this .Similarly we also keep searching the solutions of the problem with out going deep into it and analyzing the real problem and possible solutions.

Therefore It shall be interesting to find out WHAT WENT WORNG though may not be very easy to do so.

Ajay Singh "Ekal"

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